CAMP 2020 August 2-8




CAMPers sleep in rustic cabins with their own age group. . Each cabin has 4 sets of bunk beds (sleeps 8). You will be required to bring your own pillow, sleeping bag or bedding.  Many counselors decorate their cabin in fun motivating themes.


The lake


The lake at Tar Hollow is called 

"Pine Lake"

There you can:

  • Jump off the dock
  • Swim
  • Canoe
  • Water Slide
  • Fish  



Classes at CAMP are wide ranging. You may have the opportunity to learn a new skill, make a craft, or become a better team player. Above all, lots of fun! Below is a list of classes CAMP has offered in the past years.

Air Rifle Target Shooting, American Sign Language, Archery, Banner Painting, CAMP Band, Choir, Crafts, 

Creative Writing, Crochet, Fishing,

Hiking, Latin Dance, CAMP Newspaper, Photography, Rappelling, Speaking in Public, Sports

Click here to see pictures of many of the classes



Between the serene views and activities at CAMP you will find


  • The mixer
  • The morning shenanigans at the flag pole and town and tent.
  • The classes like rappelling, air rifle or archery, crafts just to name a few.
  • Free time activities like: Gaga Ball, Corn Hole, Giant Jenga, Frisbee, swimming/ canoeing in the lake.  
  • The themed picnic, and the Jr Party.

You can’t turn around without running into something FUN!



CAMP wouldn’t be CAMP 

without the MESS!

Ever been slimed or build a human Sunday? Well, that is just some of the fun and messy things that may happen at CAMP.

The first night mixer is known for games that create the super mess the campers and staff participate in.

How about an impromptu mud wrestling after a rain storm? 

All this a MORE happens at CAMP!!!



The friends you make at CAMP will be you friends for the rest of your life.

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