CAMP 2020 August 2-8

CAMP Staff

Staff Job Discriptions


  • Cabin Counselor
  • Kitchen Staff
  • Support Staff
  • Leadership Staff: These positions include:  First Aid Director, Craft Hall Supervisor,  Security Supervisor, Dining Hall Supervisor, Lodge Activity Coordinator, Waterfront/Watercraft Director (Head Guard) 

All Positions must be 18 yrs or older., Complete an interview and submit a fingerprint background check

**Please see the Section 2 of the Staff Hand Book for more detailed job descriptions**

How do I apply to be in CAMP Staff?


Requirements to be on CAMP Staff.    

  1. Be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Complete the staff application on-line.
  3. Provide a fingerprint background check.
  4. Submit 3 references from previous job or volunteer positions (names and phone numbers).
  5. 5. Have a personal interview with the CAMP Director, Administrator, or Associate Director. 
  6.  Be a positive role model.
  7. See to the health, safety, and well-being of the campers in their charge. 
  8. Be present or complete any on line trainings led by the CAMP Director.
  9. Be able to attend CAMP the entire week from 9am Saturday through clean-up and camp inspection the following Saturday.  

These are just a sampling of the requirements. See all the requirements on the application link.

SFA (Staff Friends & Alumni of CAMP)


Staff registration fee includes membership in SFA. Membership gives you coverage to their $1 million liability insurance policy.

Learn more about SFA

Staff Resources


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