CAMP 2020 August 2-8

CAMP (Constructing Assured & Motivated People)

Mission Statement

Our mission is to “Construct Assured and Motivated People” by providing a faith based environment that encourages Campers to get to know God by setting the foundation for them to learn to love themselves, become more confident, and find their Special Spark; in doing so, Campers are enabled to use their abilities to become leaders of the greater community

About CAMP





CAMP is held at the Tar Hollow State Park Resident Camp in Southeast Ohio near Chillicothe. 

The campers sleep in rustic cabins along with campers their age and with usually two staff members. 

They eat and play in a large lodge and swim in a beautiful lake.

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CAMP is a mix of traditional camp programing with a faith based foundation. A Junior (6th-9th grade) and Senior (10th to Grad) camp are simultaneously interwoven with age and grade appropriate classes offered. 

The week starts with the Sunday-Mixer.  This is a variety of activities where cabinmates begin to learn how to work together as a team. Talent night encourages campers to share their talents, from musical to juggling, magic to dance, even joke telling. Stunt night is a fun night where the cabinmates work together to entertain by putting on skits. The Senior campers organize and host a party for the Junior campers. This may include campfires with an acoustic band, a DJ, games, special foods and much more. 

Late night vespers create awe and a oneness with GOD.

We celebrate the conclusion of the week with a Banquet and Awards ceremony.

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The Staff


The Executive Staff


 Our camp staff is made up of volunteers and travel from all corners of the United States Most of these dedicated people were once campers and use their vacations and funds to "pay back" to this traditional program. All staff applicates must be 18 years of age or older and are vetted with a personal interview and fingerprint background check.  In the past, we have had firefighters, nurses, teachers, social workers, academics, entrepreneurs, college students, and business owners.

The Executive Staff

The Executive Staff

The Executive Staff


David (Boonie) & Janny Brizius Started the camp in 1956 as part of the Gahanna Community Church. They used their experiences in Boy scouts and 4H to create this unquic experance.

Our Head Cook and Assco. Director is Karen Ingram. Karen runs the kitchen like a general and provides incredible meals and works year round to get the best deals on food .

The operations of CAMP were turned over to David & Tina Brizius 

(Son & Daughterin-law) in the early 1980s.

David is a retired Fire Safety Inspector/educator and Tina runs a home day care for almost 40 years.


The Executive Staff



The campers have daily life sessions called "Trail Blazing" where they learn about themselves and others. The weekly schedule is designed to teach the campers to work together as a team through games, 

The campers have daily life sessions called "Trail Blazing" where they learn about themselves and others using the years Theme as a guild. 

The weekly schedule is designed to teach the campers to work together as a team, (team work) , Learn  a new skill.  and make life long friends

We eat family style and every cabin has at least one session of KP which teaches table manners and life skills

(See sample menu below in the download section).


The Executive Staff



We have a variety of classes offered that include Archery, Air Rifle, Crafts, Sports, Swimming/Boating to name a few.

 All taught by experienced and or certified teachers. 

Below is a list of class offerings from last year.:

Air Rifle Target Shooting, American Sign Language, Archery, Banner Painting, CAMP Band, Choir, Crafts, 

Creative Writing, Crochet, Fishing,

Hiking, Latin Dance, CAMP Newspaper, Photography, Rappelling, Speaking in Public, Sports (classes may vary year to year)

Click here to see pictures of many of our classes

Acredited Program

Acredited Program


Acredited Program

Acredited Program

Acredited Program

CAMP is an accredited camp through the American Camp Association. 

Which means we meat their standards for safety, staffing and programing. you can find more information about the ACA by going to

CAMP Core Values

CAMP High Five

1. Safety - Our #1 responsibility for campers and staff.

2. Respect - for individuals, our program, and faith.

3. Promise ​for spiritual growth and renewal.

4. Friendship - Making new friends and renewing old friendships- “PINKY PROMISE” 

5. Fun - is the thread that holds our program together from the beginning to end 

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CAMP (Constructing Assured & Motivated People)

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